Happy Feet!

Back by popular demand! The eagle eyed among you may remember this one, back when we had the mens store, Monsieur Mojo, one of our top sellers were -Thunder Love Socks. And we are delighted to say we are now able to stock these beautiful socks in our women's store and online! 

Read more below to find out why these socks are so well loved ...

About Thunders Love ...

Thunders Love Socks are designed in a little village in the North west of Spain, at the bottom of a beautiful estuary, at the mouth of Lerez river, near the Portugal border.

It is also here where their designs come to life, made using traditional methods in a small family workshop by hosiers who have been doing this throughout three generations!

Their designs live of the traditional ways of knit -in which these hosiers are true experts.

This combined with the highest quality fabrics are why Thunders Love Socks are so loved by all those who wear them. 

Devil's In The Detail ...

Thunders Love are meticulous and passionate about the entire design process of all of their socks from start to finish. They use traditional machines which provide Thunders Love with the possibility to play with 'sock architecture'. They are proud to work with several techniques in yarn mixing to get chromatic designs- in some models they delete the entire seam on the tip - this is an entirely handmade process.

"In a world where industry goes at great speed, Thunders Love stand by, respecting the production period of little quantities per day and adapting their designs to the present time .."

Packed With Love ... 

Attention to detail doesn't stop with the socks! With each purchase of Thunders Love Socks you will receive your socks packed in an individual box.

These finishes are why we love Thunders Love and think they are the best on the market and make GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS!

What Are You Waiting For?

Did we mention they are super cosy and comfy to wear too?!

Let's summarise ...
- Great socks that look and feel great to wear
- Soft wool mix (no long hairs or itchy wools!)
- Attention to detail in design and packaging
- Loved by many!

Time To Treat Your Feet ...