Velvet Purses - Perfect Christmas Gifting!

Christmas Gifting 
Every year we stock a selection of these beautifully delicate, velvet embroidered purses in a range of colours and designs. This years designs feature silver applique Dragonflies, Oak trees, Butterflies and Bees on backgrounds of rich Magenta's, Navy, Aqua, Olive and Hot Pink.   

With prices starting from just £7, they make perfect Christmas Gifting. Read more below to find out why these purses are so well loved ...
The Brand
Lua, like Mademoiselle Mojo, is an independent family-run business and since 2003 have worked in partnership with a young entrepreneur in Vietnam, who runs her own family business. This enterprising and resourceful woman has her own team of talented, largely female lead technicians. 

For the last 12 years, Lua has specialised in the detailed hand-applique that features on many of their bags and purses. Designed in the UK by owner Emma, these designs then come to life in a small rural village an hour North of Hanoi, Vietnam. 
The Process
Led by the charismatic Trung, the applique team consists of his extended family and up to 100 local villagers. The region is the traditional heartland of embroidery and craft skills that have been passed down through the generations for centuries.  Trung is a talented artisan with more than 50 years of experience in his field.
His extended family have learnt from him just as he learnt from his parents many years ago.
Velvet Applique
It takes up to 4 days to make a purse from start to finish.  The fabric and materials needed are cut in our main workshop in Hanoi and transported to the applique village workshop. The designs are drawn onto a tracing paper and brushed with a special solution to imprint onto the fabric. Each small individual fabric piece is carefully cut out and glued onto the base fabric. The purses often use 4 or 5 different types of fabric and it is then up to a skilled machinist to embroider each piece into place. The pieces are then returned to Hanoi for stitching and assembling into the final purse.
Rewilding Britain
We are proud to have been supporting the fantastic organisation, Rewilding Britain since 2019.  Rewilding Britain is a charity working to encourage rewilding in Britain and reverse ecological decline.
Green, natural habitats, free of pesticides are essential for the survival of bees and other pollinating insects. For Autumn/Winter 2021 season, 10% of all profits on Lua’s hand-appliqued metallic and embroidered Bee ranges will be donated to Rewilding Britain. 
Funds raised are used to support Rewilding Britain’s vision that rewilding flourishes across Britain, reconnecting us with the natural world, sustaining rural communities, reversing the loss of biodiversity and tackling climate breakdown and the extinction crisis.