LAST SIZE! Gasoline Zip Front Leather Boots Nero 21326

£ 195 GBP £ 255 GBP

Gasoline Zip Front Leather Boots Nero 21326

About these boots ...

The images say it all  ... don't they?! Lovingly handmade with the softest Italian Leather, Lofina Boots are extremely comfortable and a true joy to wear. These Lofina boots feature a thick spongey soul with a great, practical tread. They also feature a top zip feature which means they are super easy to get on and off ... and did we mention they look BEAUTIFUL?! Dark grey sole, black main colour. EU Sizing EU 37 = UK 4. 

Lofina shoes are lucky shoes - all made by hand!

These beautiful boots are lovingly designed in Denmark, by husband and wife team Lisse Lotte and Morten, alongside their two daughters, Sisse and Sofie. With a passion for Italian shoes, dreams and a lot of hard work, their beautiful designs are then brought to life in Italy, at a small family owned factory.

Because they are hand made, each boot has its own beautiful, unique appearance and no two shoes are identical - just like you!

Being a small brand built on passion, Lisse-Lotte says,

'I always end up with the feeling that the upcoming collection is the best i have ever made!"

Coolness, comfort and quality are at the core values for the Lofina brand,

'We craft shoes to SPOIL your feet and APPEAL to your eyes'

that is why they only use high quality, sustainable leather which is recycled from food industry scraps. Furthermore, the leather is from European suppliers, reducing co2 production, no plasticizers are used and they are finished with water based products to reduce the use of chemicals. 

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