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Owen Barry Large Sheepskin Bean Bag

Owen Barry

Owen Barry Large Sheepskin Bean Bag

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This shape is our best selling bean bag, it offers style, impact and comfort in equal parts.

This beanbag is a perfect size for a standard lounge/lifestyle, it will take up approximately the same footprint as an average armchair, it is easily roomy enough for a big adult, offering good back support, the bean filling can be adjusted for deeper or fuller requirements.

It comes already bean-filled, the stockinette sleeve and protective leather zip cover ensure no escapee beans.

It has an upholstery quality leather base, ensuring it can be placed on any surface without worry of damage.

The approximate dimensions are;  diameter across the base 95 cms, height to the centre point of the outer shell or if you pulled the back up would be 70- 75 cms, but where you actually "sit-on" is 50 cms, so the point flattens down to make the seat well - this is very hard to describe but hopefully you get our drift - if you are in any doubt or would like more clarification please never hesitate to give us a ring.