Patrizia Bonfanti

Patrizia Bonfanti Kuni No Lace Nubuck Leather Boots Noir

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Patrizia Bonfanti Kuni No Lace Nubuck Leather Boots Noir

Patrizia Bonfanti is a Made in Italy certified footwear company, born in 2015 in Tuscany, which produces high quality, women’s leather shoes and boots with a contemporary feel and metropolitan taste, created through the use of specialized artisan makers. Patrizia Bonfanti are characterized by the use of the highest quality leathers and by processes that make the shoes comfortable and practical but at the same time chic! 

The Patrizia Bonfanti woman is synonymous of style and personality, she is casual and has the savoir-faire that allows her to wear what she wants with class without necessarily being a fashion victim.
These hand finished nubuck leather boots are lightweight with a slender fit - perfect to pair with skinny jeans or dresses. They feature a hidden side zip for ease and a 'no lace' style. The chunky sole with deep tread together with the soft nubuck leather, makes these boots both comfortable and practical to wear as well as stylish. 

Nubuck is top-grain leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, or outside, to give a slight nap of short protein fibers, producing a velvet-like surface. Because nubuck is made from top-grain leather, it is more durable and tough compared to suede. It is also more durable than bicast leather or bonded leather, which do not use the top-grain portion of the hide. However, like suede, because of it's rough finish it can be more vulnerable to soiling and staining than other leathers so we would recommend coating with a waterproof spray. 

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