Established in 2010, Mademoiselle Mojo is an independent, luxury clothing & lifestyle boutique, based in Tiverton, Mid Devon. We love to travel the world to find new and exciting brands, that wouldn’t normally be found on the high street, and enjoy bringing them back to our loyal customers to adore, wear and cherish for a lifetime.

We believe in the importance of investing in your wardrobe, and advocate for quality over quantity when it comes to shopping for styles. We support small, artisan brands who focus on natural fabrics and sustainable practices. We don’t bulk buy and we like to keep our collections small. Our customers enjoy shopping with us because they know we’ll always have something new and exciting in store.

At Mademoiselle Mojo, our customers are always at the heart of everything we do. Our focus remains on you, your style and your individuality. We believe our friendly and personal approach, together with our years of experience and choice of artisan suppliers, means we can keep each style and each look as unique and rare as the women wearing them. 

We believe this is where true authenticity and style originates