The 'Alpage A' Leather Handbag in Colour Willow

£ 350 GBP

Alpage A Leather Handbag in Willow

The Alpage ‘A’ bag in Willow is made from Italian vegetable tanned leather. Created from natural materials, and designed in the UK with practicality in mind, this is a lovely spacious leather bag with plenty of pockets to store things safely away. Great for every day. Perfect for travelling. Piped handles

IBBLOTTA is the brainchild brand of Ibby Stockdale, who wanted to buy a bag. Ibby is not an unreasonable person. She wanted to buy a bag that was sensibly-priced, did what bags are supposed to do, and suited her particular sense of style. 

Ibby’s particular sense of style is not edgy. It’s not fussy. It’s not ostentatious or showy-offy. She just likes good design, authentic natural fabrics and proper craftsmanship. When she couldn’t find the bag of her dreams, she went and found a man who had the skills to make one. And here is where Ibblotta started.

There is consideration and practicality in every aspect of the design; pockets where you need them to be, hardware that is satisfyingly solid, and leather that has been tanned to stand the test of time. Working with expert craftspeople, based in the UK and Europe, Ibblotta checks every decision, however small, to see if there is a more responsible option; wherever possible products and packaging are plastic free. 

Ibby set out to make some beautiful, discreet, simple, lasting and natural bags and accessories that do what they are supposed to, gracefully. Ibblotta is the result.

Quiet beauty, simple design.

Scottish lining. Italian Veg Tan Leather

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