Saddle Luxury Glass Candle

£ 29 GBP
  • H 90 X D 83MM

Smells like; Spicy, rich, smooth & very masculine. “As the wind swept over the saddle, it caught its richness and warmth, turned it to a 1000 different fragrances and scented the world.”

 This is our ultimate best selling fragrance.

If you adore the rich, warm notes offered up by Sandalwood, Cedar, Moss & Amber, then you will love this range of scented candles too.

Our Saddle fragrance has quite some following amongst you – and for good reason.

Simply put …it smells like it should. You’ll know what we mean when you try it.

We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Melt specialises in producing hand-made, fine fragrance candles of fabulous quality and it is our willingness to step out of the conventional fragrance arena, in order to seek out more unusual perfume combinations for which we are now known. We have worked hard to source our raw materials locally and over 89% of our ingredients and packaging comes from Lancashire companies – with the balance being from the UK.

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